UtahWP Utah Valley

Late last year we transitioned WPSLC to UtahWP and refocused a little. Instead of just doing one meetup we branched out and started helping potential meetup leaders get something started in their area. Over the last few months we’ve been working with the organizers of the Utah Valley group, and on Thursday they’ll have their […]

Lofty Lake Loop

Tracking WordPress Function Calls

I needed a quick way to track function calls today, and the easiest way to do this seems to be with Debug Bar Extender’s dbgx_trace_var() which shows the times a variable is logged, so if you call it with the same variable name every time the function is called it will give you a count.

Playing piano

Al playing piano while over at grandma’s house.


Project Yosemite has put out some beautiful time-lapse videos of Yosemite National Park with the most recent one being published about a month ago.

BEM Syntax with Sass

UPDATE: Updated before it’s even published, but last night I found out that with updates before Sass 3.3.0 you can now just us & in front of the last part of the selector and it will work the same as the @at-root directive. Code snippets below have been updated to use this method. At Big […]

Finn Alden Kelsey

How Designers Destroyed the World

TLDW is that we are responsible for everything we put into the world, and think hard about what we make and what impact it has on those around us. This way of thinking about things really resonates with me. I like to think that the real afterlife is the legacy you leave behind. It’s how your kids, grand kids, and so on remember you, what you did, and what you stood for. I just hope that I put more good than bad into the world.