I rescued 10 8-week-old puppies from the pound. 9 of them were from Mia’s litter, and one I rescued the next day because I figured 10 puppies isn’t much harder than 9. The litter mates were Minnie, Bowser, Tifa, Bayard, Rufio, Aeris, Maisey, Scooter Bug, and Koda (not pictured). Columbus was the add-on to the group; I think he was a boxer mix. The day I brought them home was quite interesting. I had to bathe and de-worm all of them and their mother. It wasn’t the easiest task but it was fun. Though the craziest task was taking them to the clinic to get fixed. I got a lot of crazy looks when I walked in and started filling out paper work for 11 dogs. I think the biggest mistake I made though was to not make the puppies ride in their crate after they were fix. They seemed tired enough to behave, but for that little mistake I spent two hours carpet cleaning my car.