Jack is a 4-year-old German Shepard. He is fully papered, well-trained, and the first dog rescue I did out-of-pocket instead of working with a rescue. I met him in the shelter when I went to check on Ruby. His family surrendered for being “too big.” You could tell just from looking at him that his world had been destroyed. He wasn’t eating, and just sat at the back of his kennel and shook. I tried contacting several rescues, with no luck, to see if they would allow me to take him. After a little while I worked something out with the women at the shelter, and brought him home.

When I was picking him up from the shelter he huddled in the back of his kennel shaking, and growling at me. I was afraid he might try to bite me, but once he realized I was there to take him out he calmed down. He was really good on a leash so when I took him out to my car I didn’t keep a tight hold on his lead. As I was trying to unlock my car he gave a tug on the leash and escaped. That lead to a chase involving inmates police officers and shelter workers. After about 30 – 45 minutes he gave up and ran back into the shelter. I loaded him into the car and we were on our way.

After I got him home it became apparent that he had some health issues. His former family hadn’t trimmed his nails or gotten him enough exercise. It cause him to adjust how he walked giving him a very obvious limp. His testicles were infected, and he was under weight. The great people at the NMHPU Spay Neuter Clinic provided me with antibiotics, and trimmed his nails back to a normal length while he was under anesthesia since the quick on all of them needed to be cut. After having all this done Jack was a completely different dog. His limp subsided and he started to walk correctly on his feet again. He also started to play frisbee.

Soon after Jack was adopted by a family, and his presence help them a lot. After about a month I got a call from his family saying their land lord was going to charge them a $1,000 fee to keep Jack in their apartment, so they had to give him back. He was back for one day when they couldn’t handle being without him any more. In that one day they had managed to get their doctor to register Jack as a companion dog. Allowing them to avoid the fees from their land lord.

Jack was one of my most favorite fosters, and I nearly kept him when he came back. He’s with a really great family now, and may be moving back east where he’ll have a large yard.