Buddy is a pure white Boxer, and wasn’t def like most white boxers. I’m not sure how old he was. He was a dog that we pulled from SUVAS. He lived with Stacie for quite a while; then I’m not sure what happened to him. He got kicked out of daycare right before I got him, and he only came to me because he chased his foster’s cat. 

Buddy was a great dog though I can’t say much for his intelligence. He was really great with kids, listened pretty well for the most part, and did really well with other dogs. The reason I question his intelligence is because he would smash his face into fences while barking at dogs on the other side. Because of this he constantly had scabs on his face and head. Add to that him having to wear sun screen and you have one mess of a dog.

Buddy was adopted, but I’m not sure when or where he went. He was moved so that Boozer could move in.