Boozer is a 1 ½ year old American Bulldog Labrador Retriever mix, I think.  CAWS took him in at the spring 2010 super adoption. I don’t know much of what happened to him between the time CAWS took him in and he came to my house. I know he was adopted out, but  ended up in the shelter again because he was confiscated by animal control. His adoptors were treating him so badly that their neighbors called animal control, who confiscated him. From what I heard they were leaving him tied up in the yard during the day with no food or water, but I can’t be sure of exactly what happened.

Boozer did pretty well when he first came to us. He was good with other dogs. He did try to tell Ozzy he was the boss once but only for about 2 seconds before he changed his mind, and the attempt left him with some funny lines across the top of his head for a while. He did really well in the house too. The one issue he did have though was a chewing problem which lead to the destruction of one of my hand made blankets. 3 times… I know that was probably my fault, but I like to give the dogs chances to prove themselves once they appear to have themselves under control. So I ended up leaving the bedroom door open more often than I should have.

On October 19th of 2010 Boozer took off while I was taking the dogs to the back yard for a potty break. I jumped in the car to try to catch up before he got far. I got about a block down the road when he came running back up the sidewalk. I opened the car door for him and he climbed in. He had a little trouble getting in the car, but I didn’t think any thing of it until I got him back home and noticed the blood on my seat cover. I got him out of the car and found a cut on his front right ankle. It was somewhat deep but I figured he just cut himself on a peice of wire or somthing, and wasn’t too worried until I got a look at his left side. He’d run down to one of the main roads, and had gotten hit by a car!  He had roadrash and several deep cuts all up his left hind leg.

I put him back in the car right away, and headed to one of CAWS’ vets in Salt Lake. It took me almost an hour and a half to get him to the vet. The car had been most of the way empty so I had to stop for gas and it was rush hour.

Once we got the vet they got him right into the back and started looking at him. I sat in one of the exam rooms for about half an hour, before they came and sent me to get dinner while I wated for x-rays. The x-rays showed that he’d probably been drug under the car for a little ways, and it had dislocated his right hind leg. He had to stay at the vets over night so that he could have the leg put back into place in the morning.

Kelly and I headed up early the next morning, and Boozer was super excited to see us. His hip had been splinted into place, he had a bunch of staples in his legs, and he had to wear a cone. He also had to stay in a crate for two weeks, and could only come out to go to the bathroom. We were trying to keep the leg in place, if it came out he would have to have surgery on his hip. He did pretty well on his two week stint in the crate, but to no avail the hip had popped out of place. He got the staples out when we took him in to check on the hip, but he had to continue wearing the cone. The poor guy spent over two months in that cone.

Boozer had to wait quite a while for his surger but finally had it on January 10th. They went in and cut the ball off his feemer so that the leg would sit in place better. He had to spend the night at the vets that night too. He’s done really well since the surgery. He runs and plays with the other dogs and even goes to class.

Kelly has also aided him in learning the habbit of trying to sleep under the covers. You can’t lift the edge of the covers without him trying to shove his head in, so he can snuggle down to the bottom of the bed.