Nala is a 2-year-old Chocolate Retriever. I originally met Nala in one of the training classes that I attended with Ozzy. She was very afraid of other dogs and protective of her owner if strange dogs were nearby. In the end that’s what caused her to be given up. She kept starting fights with the mother-in-law’s shih tzu, and they couldn’t find a way to stop her.  Though the term given up is putting it very simply. She wasn’t accepted into CAWS because we were full and not taking owner turn overs. We refered her owners to another person that felt they were qualified to take care of her. About a week after taking her that person dropped her off at an adoption event and didn’t come back for her. She ended up going home with a very kind-hearted lady named Margo. Nala was very fearful of any dog she didn’t know, and eventually ended up biting Margo when she got between Nala and one of her labs. After that Margo asked me to take her. So I ended up with Nala right after she’d gone through four homes in a little over a week.

Nala did quite well with my dogs. There were a few spats, but after the first week things calmed down for the most part. She did very poorly with dogs from outside of our household though. She had decided I was her new owner, and that she needed to protect me from other dogs. She attacked a few dogs that approached me when I wasn’t expecting her to be nearby. After a few weeks I was finally able to let her socialize with other dogs without issue.

She still kept her fear of dogs in enclosed spaces, and seemed to have a habit of putting herself in tight spots. She would wedge herself into small spaces or corner herself then growl at the other dogs when they came near. We would have to show her that she could remove herself from these situations. Though she never seemed to pick it up on her own.

We eventually got her accepted into the Wag-n-Train rescue. She was eventually adopted by one of their fosters that took care of her while I was at a conference in Vegas. She is doing really well as an only dog in their home. She’s even getting along with the cats. One of  her new owners is a veteran, and she is really helping in his day-to-day life.