Sugar was a 1 ½ year-old boxer pit bull mix. I found her while taking my neighbors on a tour of the shelter. She had a litter of two-day-old puppies with her in the kennel. She’d had them in the shelter right before I picked her up.

It took a little convincing, but Kelly said we could bring them home. Sugar was an excellent mamma. We had to lure her out of the shelter with one of her puppies because she wouldn’t go anywhere until she was sure they were with her. When we got her home and were getting everything situated she crawled into the puppies box and laid right on top of them; because she was nervous about the other dogs being near them. For the first week we could barely get her away from her puppies long enough to go to the bathroom. She would go out and do her business then rush back to her puppies.

Once we had moved her puppies her personality started to show through a lot more. She would snuggle on the couch with Ireland, the little girl who Kelly babysits. She would also get really excited for our morning walks. She would run around the front room, jump into the air, spin in circles and bounce in and out of play bows.

CAWS took Sugar in after we moved her puppies, and she was adopted by a nice young couple. She seemed very happy the last time we saw her.

The Puppies

Sugar’s puppies were the hardest group of puppies we’ve done so far. I attribute the difficulty to the fact that we took them during the winter, and weren’t well equipped to do so. When we took on Mia’s puppies it was the middle of the summer, so we were able to keep them outside most of the time. We weren’t quite so lucky with this group since we got them at the beginning of December. They stayed in a crate at the foot of our bed until they were big enough to walk around. Once they reached that point we moved them to a fenced in area in the laundry room.

Things didn’t get too bad until they were about 8-weeks-old then things started getting out of hand. They made such a mess of their run that it had to be cleaned everyday if not twice daily, and that didn’t even take care of the smell. It was extremely hard to keep them clean as well. We would take them out clean the cage, and give them baths, but as soon as we put them back they would poop everywhere and get it all over themselves. They also couldn’t go outside without freezing, so they ended up with a lot of pent-up energy. Any time you would walk by they would cry and jump up on the fence.

We were finally able to move them to Furburbia which was better equipped to handle them once they were 12-weeks-old. They still managed to make a good sized mess once there though. We drove them up to Furburbia, and right as we got there one of them puked all over in their crate. We took them in and bathed them, and as soon as they were clean and in the kennels they pooped everywhere, and got it all over themselves. We ended up bathing them twice.

I’m sure they’ve since been adopted, but we couldn’t keep a very close watch on them.