Detect Timthumb

There was recently a scare over a zero day vulnerability it timthumb timthumb pushed a fix out right away. I’ve seen people posting saying they didn’t know where to look for timthumb.php or if their themes used it so I threw together a quick plugin to find references to timthumb in your WordPress install.

The Detect Plugin page will be blank if timthumb is not detected anywhere in your themes or plugins.

Download: detect-timthumb

3 thoughts on “Detect Timthumb”

  1. I’ve been helping Laura at stubbydog and zoenature for a few months now, as well as a bunch of other non-profits. I hope to use your tool to help me with the timthumb issue.

    Thank you, jim

  2. I installed the plugin and when I go to tools>detect, I just get a blank screen. I tried disabling some other plugins, but thought maybe you’d have some insight? Thanks!

  3. Hey AJ a blank screen means that it didn’t find timthumb anywhere in your plugins or themes.

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