In Ikigai  Sebastian Marshall talks about life achievement and his philosophies on both. The main topic of the book is motivation. It’s not so much about the Get Things Done type of motivation as it is about the motivation for living the way you do.

Sebastian dives into finding what truly drives your life. To live a great life and be a great person he says that you need real dreams, a strong code of ethics and strength. He also goes in-depth into how to find your code of ethics and what you truly want to do with your life. His main suggestion is to just get out into nature, a nearby coffee shop, or anywhere that you don’t have your normal distractions. Take only a notebook and a pen and just write down the things that come to mind, and over time a pattern will emerge.

I need to re-read the book to get more from it. I know there was more that I didn’t fully understand or pick up on. I’ll post more later but for now these are a couple of my favorite highlights from the book.

The million dollar question … why don’t people take the large opportunities in front of them? Why don’t they allow their dreams to become realities? Because it means you won’t be understood. And we need to be understood, fundamentally, it’s so important to us.
Ikigai (Sebastian Marshall)
– Highlight Loc. 257-62

I think this is actually a really good reason for why people don’t take certain opportunities. I have a friend whose family doesn’t understand his work and don’t think he has a real job. His mother told one of his employee’s “You know this isn’t a real thing right” almost like his successful business would just go away and he would have to grow up and get a “real” job.

They say the law of diminishing returns on money kicks in around $60k or so. I think they’re crazy. They must be thinking only about their happiness as individuals. I want $40 million before I slow down. $40M is enough that you can drop $2 million on building something–a school, a bridge, an orphanage, a shrine, a monument, a massive work of public art–and it’s only 5% of what you’ve got. If you see a deal of a lifetime, you can put $10 mil into it and it’s only 25% of what you’ve got.
Ikigai (Sebastian Marshall)
– Highlight Loc. 303-4

I really like this idea on money. There is no reason to fear money. It doesn’t change you it just makes your more of what you are, and I think that scares people. If you’re able to use it for good and to help out family, friends or society why not make plenty of it.