Hades is a red tinted Alaskan Husky, and was about 4-years-old when he stayed with me. Hades was returned during an adoption event. I had a mom, her 6 puppies, and Xander, but I’m a sucker for arctic breeds so I took him home. Hades was a master at escape, and a few times I ended up chasing him for miles after he’d escaped from the house. After about a week he went to the home of a potential adopter. He was physically larger and stronger than the woman wanting to adopt him. When ever he wanted to explore he would knock the woman down and explore the neighbor hood. He came back about a week after he left, and stayed with me for another week or two. He spent his time widening holes that Jersey had dug in our garden.

A couple who had adopted a husky from CAWS before adopted him. Hades’ new owners are guides so he spends his days running in the mountains. I bet he’s one of the happiest huskies out there.


Jersey was a 2-year-old Pittbull Border Collie Mix; who had boundless amounts of energy and a tennis ball obsession. I think Jersey’s life was a constant game of fetch. If you weren’t throwing the ball for her; she was finding some way to chase it. One of her favorite ways to do this was to drop her tennis ball over the arm of my chair so that it would drop and roll across my office. If she wasn’t anywhere where she could roll the ball herself she would force it into your lap or drop it at your feet. She would then nod toward the ball, while looking up at you with sad eyes, until you threw it for her. If you didn’t pick it up fast enough for her then she would pick it up, move it a little closer to you and continue to nod at it.

Jersey has been the only dog to escape from our house. While we were gone she managed to jump out a window, and was waiting for us in the front yard when we got home. Jersey was adopted by her previous foster family. Included in her adoption were several canisters of tennis balls.

Last Minutes with Oden

This short documentary really spoke to me. It’s about Jason Wood’s experience of putting his suffering dog, Oden, to sleep. Oden suffered from cancer and was finally at the end of his struggle. Jason talk about how Oden was ready to die two months before they actually put him to sleep, and how he kept Oden alive and let him suffer for his own selfish reasons of not wanting to be without him. I’ve met quite a few people who think that it’s wrong of someone to put their dog down without having exhausted every available treatment to keep them alive. I’m surprised by this because that is usually said in the name of being humane. I just don’t understand how it can be considered humane to keep a dog alive when they have a terrible quality of life. I’m very impressed by Jason’s decision, and willingness to share it with the world. It reminds me of a quote from “Dogs & Devotion”

One of the most serious responsibilities we assume when caring for a dog is developing the wisdom to know when to help them end their lives with dignity.


Scooter Bug

Scooter Bug was one of the litter of puppies I rescued from the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter. Once I got him home it was apparent that he wasn’t in the best shape. The front of one of his toes was shaved off at some point and the bone was sticking out. I got him into the NMHPU Orem Clinic the next day; they were kind enough to take care of the toe and gave me some antibiotics for it, but things weren’t looking good for him. He was still sickly and not very active. I kept him with me most of the time, but one night he’d been vomiting, so I didn’t let him sleep in the bed. The next morning I went to check on him, and he had passed away. Later that day my wife and I buried him at my family farm.


I rescued 10 8-week-old puppies from the pound. 9 of them were from Mia’s litter, and one I rescued the next day because I figured 10 puppies isn’t much harder than 9. The litter mates were Minnie, Bowser, Tifa, Bayard, Rufio, Aeris, Maisey, Scooter Bug, and Koda (not pictured). Columbus was the add-on to the group; I think he was a boxer mix. The day I brought them home was quite interesting. I had to bathe and de-worm all of them and their mother. It wasn’t the easiest task but it was fun. Though the craziest task was taking them to the clinic to get fixed. I got a lot of crazy looks when I walked in and started filling out paper work for 11 dogs. I think the biggest mistake I made though was to not make the puppies ride in their crate after they were fix. They seemed tired enough to behave, but for that little mistake I spent two hours carpet cleaning my car.


Mia is a 3-4 year old Sharpe/Labrador Retriever mix. I rescued her from the shelter along with her 9 puppies. She was extremely well-behaved and behaves off leash in the yard. She wasn’t with me for long, but I was able to teach her to catch a Frisbee. She changed fosters when someone adopted one of her puppies, and wanted to let her live with them too.


Xander is a 9 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Labrador Retriever Mix. He came out of the shelter with a group of four other dogs scheduled for euthanasia  after the weekend. Luckily enough for him the clinic in Orem was offering free fixes to shelter dogs that day, so we did a 5 day weekend of adoptions to get them adopted.


Demyx is a 12 week old German Shepard mix. I rescued him and Velda from the shelter at the same time. He stayed with me for about two weeks. I got to go hiking with him once before he got adopted. The terrain was a little too rough for him, but I think he still enjoyed it. Even if he and Velda were quite tired after.


Velda is a 12 week old German Shepard mix. I rescued her and Demyx from the shelter at the same time. She stayed with me for about two weeks, and was one of the many puppies I got attached to. At her first adoption event an older German Shepard bit her face and wouldn’t let go. We couldn’t get his mouth open enough to get her out even with four of us trying, and eventually had to just rip her out. I also got to go hiking with her once before she got adopted. The terrain was a little too rough for her, but I think she still enjoyed it.