The Roof

Kelly and I recently bought a house I Provo, and I climbed onto the roof to clean some things off. When I got up there parts of the roof were squishy. These are some pictures of what we found when we looked in the attic.

Locks of Love

Yesterday I completed one of my life goals of donating my hair to Locks of Love. A charity which takes donations of hair and make wigs for financially disadvantaged children with long-term medical hair loss. I certainly got plenty of surprised comments/looks afterwards and I greatly dislike the haircut. This is all easier to think about when I think of the fact that an underprivileged cancer victim is profiting from my small loss it makes me feel much better about it.

new hairnew hair side

Portfolio page ideas

About 20 minutes ago I was hit with an idea for my portfolio web site that I’ve been meaning to build for some time now hopefully something will come of this epiphany. Also sorry about the clutter on the images I had to get my ideas down before they left me. 

Home Page

The background for the home page would have the look of a weathered sketchbook page. There would be perforations along the left side giving it the look of having just been torn out of a sketchbook. The head image or logo at the top may change randomly on load; I’m not sure about that yet. This drawing actually has three different Ideas for navigation on it.

Navigation Option 1

Located along the left side of the main content block. The idea for this navigation is that it would go along with the paper idea of the site. The background for the links would have the appearance of lined notebook paper that had been torn into squares. The link’s text would sit on a blue line like it had been written on the paper.

Navigation Option 2

Location attached to the right side of the main content block. I believe that this form of navigation would have to be images to gain my desired effect. I would set text inside the link to display none to help with accessibility. The tabs would have a look very similar to that of the main content, which could give the look of multiple pages of paper stacked on top of one another. The tabs could give the site more depth, but I am worried about the issue of accessibility.

Navigation Option 3

Located at the top of the page. About the same as Option 2, but they will probably be different colors and look like sticky tabs that can be inserted. The pro’s of this idea is that the tabs would not have to be images and would increase accessibility. The cons I don’t really like the Idea.

I’m not sure on the content just yet.

Gallery Page

The gallery page will have the same style of background and navigation as the home page so I didn’t bother drawing it on this image. The only thing that is really important on this page is the thumbnails. I believe I will go with larger thumbnails than usual the thumbnails will have the look of being taped or pasted onto the page. I left it out but the description will be right bellow the images probably in the same style as the links in “Navigation Option 1”

This is all I can come up with right now. Please leave feedback it will be greatly appreciated.