UtahWP Utah Valley

Late last year we transitioned WPSLC to UtahWP and refocused a little. Instead of just doing one meetup we branched out and started helping potential meetup leaders get something started in their area. Over the last few months we’ve been working with the organizers of the Utah Valley group, and on Thursday they’ll have their first meeting in Orem. In the first meeting the organizer, Velda, is covering the basics of WordPress.

I’m super excited about this first group starting, and hope to help launch a few more this year. If you are interested in starting a group in your area, or presenting at one of these meetings please get in touch and we’ll get working on it.

Downloading Older Versions of WordPress Plugins

A while back I needed an older version of the Facebook plugin. Searching brought but a few posts about an older versions link that doesn’t seem to exist in the plugin interface anymore, but it turns out that the plugin version is in the url of the download. All you have to do is copy the download url to your clipboard.

Then modify that url to have the version number you want.


404 Issues with WP Rewrite

The last couple days I’ve struggled with adding custom rewrite rules to WordPress so that a user can edit settings for their account on the front end. The code and methods are straight forward enough and can be found on the codex page. But I was running into an issue where when I went to the edit page and passed a custom parameter it would throw a 404 error. I dug through all the filters I could find having to do with query vars and every time I output the query vars I would see page_id=0 which was causing the 404. I could figure out why that variable was being set to 0. After hours of digging I was finally looking through the source of the WP class and found it calling a function called get_page_by_path on the codex page I noticed that when it was called for a sub page the value would be passed in like so:

The issue was that I was passing just the sub page page name in with my request.

A simple change in the regular expression, to include the whole path, was all that was needed to get the correct page and stop the 404.

Detect Timthumb

There was recently a scare over a zero day vulnerability it timthumb timthumb pushed a fix out right away. I’ve seen people posting saying they didn’t know where to look for timthumb.php or if their themes used it so I threw together a quick plugin to find references to timthumb in your WordPress install.

The Detect Plugin page will be blank if timthumb is not detected anywhere in your themes or plugins.

Download: detect-timthumb

Fixing Javascript Errors in WordPress SEO

In the last two versions of Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin there’s been errors in the JavaScript that cause parts of tinymce to not work. The issue is some of the variables are not strings like expected, so when they try to run string methods against them, causing JavaScript to throw a syntax error. The simple fix is to add type checking for lines 189 and 200 of wp-seo-metabox.js. 

if ( !desc || desc.length < 1 ) {
	desc = jQuery("#content").val();
	if(typeof desc == 'string'){
		desc = yst_strip_tags( desc );
	var descsearch = new RegExp( focuskw, 'gim');
	if ( desc.search(descsearch) != -1 ) {
		desc = desc.substr( desc.search(descsearch), wpseo_meta_desc_length );
	} else {
		desc = desc.substr(0, wpseo_meta_desc_length );
	jQuery("#snippet .desc span").css('color','#777777');

for (var i in keywords) {
	if(typeof keywords[i] == 'string'){
		var kw			= yst_strip_tags( keywords[i] );
		var urlfocuskw 	= kw.replace(' ','-').toLowerCase();
		focuskwregex 	= new RegExp( '('+kw+')', 'gim');
		urlfocuskwregex = new RegExp( '('+urlfocuskw+')', 'gim' );
		desc 			= desc.replace( focuskwregex, ''+"$1"+'' );
		title 			= title.replace( focuskwregex, ''+"$1"+'' );
		url 			= url.replace( urlfocuskwregex, ''+"$1"+'' );

Certain Form Element Names Cause 404 in WordPress

I was just creating a custom registration form on a WordPress site. When I started testing the form the page it was submitting to returned a 404, but would function normally when navigating there naturally.

The issue arose from having the name of one of my form fields be “name.” It seems that WordPress uses some of these variables in its query, so submitting a form that has a field with the same name throws off the query and causes a 404. So far I’ve found reports of these words being reserved.

  • name
  • date
  • year
  • month
  • day
  • hour
  • minute

WordPress Meetup October 14th

I’m slow posting but I will be co-presenting with Jake Spurlock at the Wordpress Meetup on Wed. October 14th.

I’m slow posting but I will be co-presenting with Jake Spurlock at the WordPress Meetup on Wed. October 14th. You can find the details below.

Well, it has been a while, but we are going to hold another WordPress meetup in two weeks. For those that haven’t been before, the format is pretty simple:

  1. Show up
  2. Mingle
  3. Couple quick presentations
  4. Share problems
  5. Bask in a sense of childlike wonder about the intricacies of WordPress
  6. Go home a better individual then you were before.

All corny jokes aside, these meetups are a great way to meet fellow bloggers, designers, developers, and social media types from the area.

At the October event, we are going to have a loose format where anyone can take the podium. If you have something that you would like to share, please leave a comment here proposing a 5-10 minute presentation. Proposed topics currently include:

Myself & Tyrel Kelsey: WordPress theme developement

Thom Allen: WordPress Backup and Recovery

Ash Buckles: WordPress SEO (Plugins/Permalinks/etc.)

Nate Bagley: WordPress in use for UVU school newspaper


Thanks to Ash, we are having the event at the newly minted SEO.com. We have room for about sixty people, so tell your friends to come too.

  • When: Wednesday Oct. 14 from 7-9 p.m.
  • Where: 14870 S. Pony Express Road Ste. 100, just off Interstate 15 at the Draper/Bluffdale exit near the point of the mountain.
  • What to bring: Bring your questions, your problems, something to share intellectually, and something on a plate to share physically. (i.e something delicious, perhaps cookies, crackers, seven-layer dip, etc.)

Please leave a comment here if you plan on coming so we can get a general count of who is going to be there.

Rebloged from http://jakespurlock.com/2009/10/wordpress-meetup-october-14th/

WordPress plugins, widgets, and layouts

Recently my boss/professor had me find some widgets for his WPmu install. I spent several days looking at many different sites, and here is what I came up with to fill his needs.

Del.icio.us cached++

http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/delicious-cached/del.icio.us cached++ uses the built-in MagpieRSS engine functions to create a list of the latest bookmarks on a del.icio.us account, from its RSS feed, keeping the feed cached in the database.This plugin respects del.icio.us’ ToS and will not to overload the feed with subsequent requests, since the default cache refresh period is 60 minutes.Since version 1.3, the plugin is wigdet compatible. To take advantage of that, you’ll need either 1) WordPress 2.2 or higher, or 2) the Widgets plugin. You can still use the plugin without this feature (on WordPress 2.0/2.1 and/or along with a theme that’s not widget compatible); just check the FAQ.

Related Entries

http://wasabi.pbwiki.com/Related%20EntriesThis plugin will output a series of “related” entries based on keyword matching.


http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/flickr-rss/This plugin allows you to easily display Flickr photos on your weblog. It supports user, public and group photostreams. The plugin is relatively easy to setup and configure via an options panel. It also has support for an image cache located on your server.

Sideblog Plugin

http://katesgasis.com/2006/05/02/sideblog-plugin-v30/Sideblog is a plugin for WordPress Blog Platform. It is one way ofimplementing “Asides” – a series of “short” posts, 1-2 sentences inlength. Sideblog is now in version 3.Sideblog v3 differs from previous version in that it is SidebarWidgets enabled. For those whose theme do not support Sidebar WidgetsSideblog v3 can still be use. In Sideblog v3, multiple categories canbe published in the sidebar.


http://recaptcha.net/plugins/wordpress/The reCAPTCHA WordPress plugin uses a CAPTCHA to prevent comment spam.



Live amazon data feeds, product links, wishlist links, keyword lookups, all product types/catalogs, article inlined and sidebars, keyword lookups, admin interface, caching system.


http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/photoxhibit/PhotoXhibit, formally Benjamin Sterling Galleries, was born out of the fires of so many not-so-great gallery/image manager plugins for WordPress.This plugin uses photos from your Flickr, Picasa, and/or SmugMug accounts as well as allows you to upload and build Albums to help you build inviting Photo Galleries on and through out your site.

Twitter Tools

http://alexking.org/projects/wordpressThis plugin creates an integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. Pull your tweets into your blog and create new tweets on blog posts and from within WordPress.

Mowser Word Press Mobile

http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/mowser-wordpress-mobile/Mowser (http://mowser.com) includes a service that allows publishers to display their existing web content to users on mobile phones and other handheld devices. This plugin detects when a user is on a mobile phone and automatically redirects them to the Mowser optimized version of the page they were trying to access.The plugin also adds headers that inform search engines that the Mowser version of pages should be used for mobile devices, and can be used to insert information about how to add mobile advertising. For more information about the headers that Mowser uses see:http://pub.mowser.com/wiki/Main/HeadersOverviewOnce the plugin is installed, and if you’re using a recent version of WordPress that support widgets, you can add a Mowser button to your sidebar using the Widgets tab under the Presentation heading. Drag the Mowser Widget box to the sidebar area on that page to add the widget, and click “Save Changes” to make it active.

3 Column Layouts


Flickr Tag Cloud Widget

http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/flickr-tag-cloud-widget/This is plugin for the Widget Sidebar in WordPress. It will display your flickr tags as a tag cloud in your blog’s sidebar.Please visit the official website for the latest information on this plugin.

Elegant Twitter Widget

http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/elegant-twitter-widget/A WordPress widget that displays twitter updates in yummy valid semantic XHTML code. The code is heavily commented and the output is in template functions so everything is fully customizable.In this version, the plugin grabs the XML twitter feed and parses it using the PHP XML parser, instead of SimpleXML, to support PHP 4.


http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpg2/WPG2 is a WordPress Plug-in that embeds Gallery2 within WordPress to share photos, videos and any other Gallery2 content seamlessly into the WordPress Sidebar and Blog entries.

WPG2 Features

  • G2Image insertion tool in your Edit Toolbar to help you select one or more Gallery 2 Images, Videos, Albums (displays the Album Highlight Image) in your Blog Posts or WordPress Pages
  • Random, Recent, Daily, Weekly, Popular Images and/or Albums can be displayed as widgets in the WordPress Sidebar
  • Single Signon of WordPress Users into Gallery2, with the ability to restrict Gallery2 Sign on through WordPress User Roles and Capabilities
  • Display your Gallery2 Page(s) from within the automatically created WordPress Page.
  • Add Lightbox Effects for your Gallery2 Images

Category Cloud Widget

http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/widget-category-cloud/The Category Cloud Widget is a widget that displays your categories as a tag cloud in your sidebar.