UtahWP Utah Valley

Late last year we transitioned WPSLC to UtahWP and refocused a little. Instead of just doing one meetup we branched out and started helping potential meetup leaders get something started in their area. Over the last few months we’ve been working with the organizers of the Utah Valley group, and on Thursday they’ll have their […]

Tracking WordPress Function Calls

I needed a quick way to track function calls today, and the easiest way to do this seems to be with Debug Bar Extender’s dbgx_trace_var() which shows the times a variable is logged, so if you call it with the same variable name every time the function is called it will give you a count.

Downloading Older Versions of WordPress Plugins

A while back I needed an older version of the Facebook plugin. Searching brought but a few posts about an older versions link that doesn’t seem to exist in the plugin interface anymore, but it turns out that the plugin version is in the url of the download. All you have to do is copy […]

404 Issues with WP Rewrite

The last couple days I’ve struggled with adding custom rewrite rules to WordPress so that a user can edit settings for their account on the front end. The code and methods are straight forward enough and can be found on the codex page. But I was running into an issue where when I went to […]

Detect Timthumb

There was recently a scare over a zero day vulnerability it timthumb timthumb pushed a fix out right away. I’ve seen people posting saying they didn’t know where to look for timthumb.php or if their themes used it so I threw together a quick plugin to find references to timthumb in your WordPress install. The […]

Fixing Javascript Errors in WordPress SEO

In the last two versions of Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin there’s been errors in the JavaScript that cause parts of tinymce to not work. The issue is some of the variables are not strings like expected, so when they try to run string methods against them, causing JavaScript to throw a syntax error. The simple […]

Certain Form Element Names Cause 404 in WordPress

I was just creating a custom registration form on a WordPress site. When I started testing the form the page it was submitting to returned a 404, but would function normally when navigating there naturally. The issue arose from having the name of one of my form fields be “name.” It seems that WordPress uses […]

WordPress Meetup October 14th

I’m slow posting but I will be co-presenting with Jake Spurlock at the Wordpress Meetup on Wed. October 14th.

WordPress plugins, widgets, and layouts

Recently my boss/professor had me find some widgets for his WPmu install. I spent several days looking at many different sites, and here is what I came up with to fill his needs. Del.icio.us cached++ http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/delicious-cached/del.icio.us cached++ uses the built-in MagpieRSS engine functions to create a list of the latest bookmarks on a del.icio.us account, […]