I rescued 10 8-week-old puppies from the pound. 9 of them were from Mia’s litter, and one I rescued the next day because I figured 10 puppies isn’t much harder than 9. The litter mates were Minnie, Bowser, Tifa, Bayard, Rufio, Aeris, Maisey, Scooter Bug, and Koda (not pictured). Columbus was the add-on to the group; I think he was a boxer mix. The day I brought them home was quite interesting. I had to bathe and de-worm all of them and their mother. It wasn’t the easiest task but it was fun. Though the craziest task was taking them to the clinic to get fixed. I got a lot of crazy looks when I walked in and started filling out paper work for 11 dogs. I think the biggest mistake I made though was to not make the puppies ride in their crate after they were fix. They seemed tired enough to behave, but for that little mistake I spent two hours carpet cleaning my car.


Mia is a 3-4 year old Sharpe/Labrador Retriever mix. I rescued her from the shelter along with her 9 puppies. She was extremely well-behaved and behaves off leash in the yard. She wasn’t with me for long, but I was able to teach her to catch a Frisbee. She changed fosters when someone adopted one of her puppies, and wanted to let her live with them too.


Xander is a 9 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Labrador Retriever Mix. He came out of the shelter with a group of four other dogs scheduled for euthanasia  after the weekend. Luckily enough for him the clinic in Orem was offering free fixes to shelter dogs that day, so we did a 5 day weekend of adoptions to get them adopted.


Demyx is a 12 week old German Shepard mix. I rescued him and Velda from the shelter at the same time. He stayed with me for about two weeks. I got to go hiking with him once before he got adopted. The terrain was a little too rough for him, but I think he still enjoyed it. Even if he and Velda were quite tired after.


Velda is a 12 week old German Shepard mix. I rescued her and Demyx from the shelter at the same time. She stayed with me for about two weeks, and was one of the many puppies I got attached to. At her first adoption event an older German Shepard bit her face and wouldn’t let go. We couldn’t get his mouth open enough to get her out even with four of us trying, and eventually had to just rip her out. I also got to go hiking with her once before she got adopted. The terrain was a little too rough for her, but I think she still enjoyed it.


Hooch is a 3-year-old Golden Labrador Retriever from English lines. We rescued Hooch at the Super Adoption event in May of this year. I can’t believe he was in the shelter—though I can’t believe that about all the dogs I foster. He was extremely well-behaved. I could let him be off leash in the yard and he wouldn’t leave, and he always came when called. He wasn’t ever aggressive toward any of the dogs he was around either. My wife’s brother and sister in-law adopted Hooch.


Ludo is a 4 year old Australian Koolie. He was def but knows signs for all of his basic commands. When I told people this many of them would wave their hands around trying to give him commands. He was surprisingly independent for being def, but he always did much better with another dog to take some cue from. He would follow Ozzy’s, my dog, lead when he had gotten to far away for me to get his attention easily. He was also surprisingly trainable I was able to teach him several tricks while he lived with me.


Sousuke is a Border Collie/Blue Healer mix, and was the first puppy that I’ve fostered. He and his litter mates were born in the back of the animal control truck on the way to the animal shelter. CAWS rescued them from the shelter the next day. He stayed with his mother until she was stolen out of her foster’s back yard. After that he moved into my house. He lived with me for about a month, and I nearly adopted him. He’s with a good family now, and his name has been changed to Yankee. He was adopted on April 17th, 2010. He was returned(due to allergies) and adopted again on April 19th, 2010.


Shawnee is a 6-year-old ,white German Shepherd Dog. She was only with me for a short time, but I saw a great amount of improvement from her in that time. She had lived on a farm as an outside dog for all 6 years of her life. As a result she came into my home dog aggressive and not house trained. In the month she lived with me I was able to house train her, and socialize her with other dogs. She was adopted April 19, 2010.